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plus about four more I forgot first time around.
Driftwood Root at Camel Rock Beach Driftwood on McDonald Spit Camel Rock, Seldovia Bay, Alaska

Seldovia Outside Beach Rock Quarry Seldovia Outside Beach Rock Quarry Seldovia Bay's "Sandy Beach" cove

Seldovia Bay Seldovia Bay Seldovia Bay

Jakolof Bay, winter 1988 Rae Baxter's research vessel Rae Baxter's research vessel

Jakalof Bay, winter 1988 Young Eagle in Fishraft Cabin Seldovia Outside Beach Rock Quarry

Clams and Greenland Cockle Drift Wood Infra-red photo of beach fire

Infrared Ektachrome Slide Photo of Jake Booth's Haus in Seldovia Alaska Infrared Ektachrome of Seldovia Bay Infrared view across road from Irene Lake, Seldovia Alaska

Seldovia Bay view with spruce tree Chunk of olde Schooner driftwood at Outside Beach Fishing Vessel Manic Episode

Swamptroll Toll-free Strollway by Sadisynn 1995 Susan Lake as shoveled by Sadi Synn Wood Cave Doorway

Prince William Sound Rocks, near Tatitlek Roll in the Hay, by Art at Trapper Creek

Seldovia Bay Rocks Ice in Seldovia Harbour Greased Pole for Seldovia July 4 games, at night