updated April 8, 2007

                           Old  Synn Tunes. Teen age improvisations.
                                        Details to come by December. (or so I thought)
We really fought with our low budget gear to get the sounds you hear.
Feral Hybrid was a revolving door of improvisation students of mine, and other
self-taught musicians with a yen to make up a tune while the recorder rolled tape.
Pix and more details to come, soon.

Eric Laffoon on bass and Jack Rankin on drums join Me, DeSadi on the
SLR Boogie, 1972

I make something up for my sister Ellie to videotape, 1989. I Play against a rhythm track
I made the night before, no rehearsal of any kind. 50MB avi, approximately.
Synn Jam 1989

'Nother Boogie, 12 string, and an under-tensioned bass due to neck fracture and the
resulting scale shortening.
Mad Looone Boogie

These four from 1973, before I got my SG. I had intonation difficulty with my axe, tho' I did
have one of the first coil-tapped humbuckers. I modded it, m'self. Into the Fender Princeton
modded to about 40 watts RMS. I don't know who else is on these tunes. The bass player
suffered the same old Norma Bass as the last tune's bassist did.

Blues Rock Medley

Rocky Mountain Way Jam

Watch Tower Jam

Whole Lotta Luv Jam

This one has George Snow (or Jones, depending on who you talk to) from Sitka, I think,
On my SG Deluxe into my Heathkit Transistor Amp. 20 watts. I think I was on Eric's
Hofner Bass Copy. George Moreno was Drumming, always seeming to slow down
after a bit...      from 1973.

Make Sumthin' Up, NOW

Goin' back a bit, we did one experiment with a Teac 3440, two backwards leads.
I was a Kinkster as a kid, thus the title of this writhing theme.

Bound In Rubberwear

Just m'self here, on horns made of bull-kelp. 5 tracks with a cheap rhythm box,
mastered on a tascam Porta-One.

the Kelp Horn Razz

It wasn't meant to be on the Feral Hybrid server, but so what?

The Swamp Trolls' only recording.

Swamp Troll Waltz

That's it for now. Fancy Shmancy comes later. Web-dev snoots buzz off!

Sadi Synn, clear.

                                             Just added Dec 01, 2006

Feral Hybrid's Domina Latexa

Monique Brown's Solo Jam on synth

Another version of the Swamp Troll Waltz

and my first attempt at keyboards...

Variations on the Lion's Theme

                                         These added early April 2007

Mein sister Ellie wanted to film me with her funky videotube camera and it's mid-rangie
easily overloaded mic, and these two were from that shoot. Auto record level audio and the
condenser plates clangin'......  I'm surprised I even kept 'em!

I played over a rhythm cassette that I overdubbed the night before, using my red Cort Strat
styled guitar with pointy horns. Tascam Porta-One 4 track cassette mastering. It sounded
much better to the nekkid ear

The SynnJam video above is the source of this'n. There was a band in Anchorage in 1970
or so, called Evolution, always played somethin' like this. I never learned any words or chord changes,
just this 3 chord Bm-D-E ground.

Evolution's Jam 1989

And another one o' m' Boogies, ispired by Savoy Brown's Boogie.

Sadisynn Boogie 1989